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Whealthy Ghost – “Smoke Machine”

Pete Kostrivas, the sole man behind Wealthy Ghost, released a sparse, often naked debut album last year titled Good Luck. Influenced by artists who can do more with less, the record revealed a deeply personal, bare-boned songwriter that immediately struck a chord in me. A new EP Cold Hands is due out October 21, and “Smoke Machine” is its very strong first taste.

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Videos: 3 x Pop

3 videos of 3 great songs from 3 great artists who I believe define pop music at the moment:

Zola Jesus – Dangerous Days 

Grimes – Go ft. Blood Diamond

Jessie Ware – Tough Love

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Blog News: Brian Tabb writing for IFM

IFM, as many other of our peers who devote their unpaid free time to help push artists and bands towards a bit larger audience, is built and written by people with a big heart. There is no money or (almost) any personal exposure involved. It’s done with passion and commitment for music as an art form and because, in the end, so many great bands/songs and albums gets tossed aside by major…

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Best from the inbox

Best from the inbox

Premiere: Tim Woulfe – “Presence”

You may or may not remember Tim Woulfe’s 12” noteworthy split with Matt Kivel for his Apollonian imprint. If not, listen/read here. Woulfe have a new EP titled “Presence” coming out on September 23 digitally and on October 14 on Cassette. $1 from each cassette sale will be donated to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Astronauts, etc. – “Gravity”


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Video: Shabazz Palaces - #CAKE

Expectation is a strange thing. I got so caught up in wanting another Black Up from Shabazz Palaces that it took me weeks to realize that…

Video: Imre Kiss - Non

"Non" is a wonderful hypnotic track from Hungarian producer Imre Kiss, but it’s all elevated by the visuals.

Terror Pigeon! - Girl!

If you only going to listen to one band you haven’t heard before this month, let it be Terror Pigeon! and their pristine and whimsical “Girl!”. Why they spell everything with an exclamation point gets rather obvious about midway through when they finally release all the energy and intensity they’ve spent the first few minutes so gloriously building towards. From thereon “Girl!” turns into a…

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Sun Kil Moon #Malmöfestivalen

Sun Kil Moon #Malmöfestivalen