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Twerps - Back To You

“Back To You” is a new sweet tune from Australian jangle-pop band Twerps (responsible for one of my favorite tracks of 2012). The band recently signed to Merge Records and a new LP is on its way. Range Anxiety follows their great 2011 self-titled debut and is out January 27.

Ariel Pink – Black Ballerina

Describing a new Ariel Pink track with words like ’strange’ and ’weird’ won’t give away much; it’s business as usual. Still, his new and second teaser of upcoming new LP pom pom, is at least ‘strange’ and ‘weird’ for being a single. The driving heartbeat of “Black Ballerina” is an insisting angular bass line that’s looped throughout its-six minutes – hold for the refrain. On top, it’s near impossible to grasp all of Pink’s different voices and alter egos; it sounds almost like short snippets of random FM radio jingles. But as usual, it’s catchy and damn good.

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Mixtape #1

Angelo De Augustine - How Past Begins

“How Past Begins” (above) introduced 22 year-old bedroom singer/songwriter Angelo De Augustine as a humble understated songwriter; just gentle solitary guitar plucks and warm, whispered –  barely comprehensible – vocals. New song “Old Hope”(below) continues in same vein; a short but lovely little gem that reminds me a lot of Matt Kivel’s intimate melancholy on last year’s great Double Exposure. And despite being bedroom recorded, the quality is fine – adding a gentle fragility to the atmosphere. It’s an impressive start; two cozy and somber songs from an artist already compared to genre greats.

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Timber Timbre - Grand Canyon

Earlier this year Timber Timbre dropped their finest album to date titled Hot Dreams. The eerie Scott Cudmore directed visual for “Grand Canyon” is a perfect example of the beautiful ghostly Western sounds submerged in Lynchian strangenes that echoes throughout Hot Dreams. I urge you to pay extra close attention to the largely instrumental second half; shrilling Pink Floydian synths, a freewheeling saxophone, somber piano play, pulsating drums and stark Western guitars make up two of the most dire minutes of music you’ll find this year.

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End of last week Shabazz Palaces premiered a video for “Motion Sickness” from their great second album Lese Majesty.


I still hold WU LYF’s debut and only album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain as one of the best of 2011. Since the band pulled the plug, its various members moved on to other projects like Francis Lung and Los Porcos. Singer Ellery James Roberts went solo last year with the brilliant “Kerou’s Lament” (now only titled “LAMENT.”) before once again dissapearing. A year later, he’s back with a new band LUH (Lost Under Heaven) together with Ebony Horn and a new single “UNITES” that sounds a lot like a synthesis of WU LYF’s grand gestures and “Kerou’s Lament” lush, transcendent vibe

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Bent Knee - Battle Creek

No longer sure how and when the extraordinary music of Boston sextet Bent Knee came to my attention, but I’ve been meaning to write about tit ever since they teased “Battle Creek”, the fourth marvelous tease from upcoming sophomore album Shiny Eyed Babes. Compared to their self-titled debut album, the new material strikes me as…

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William Arcane - Reckless

London producer William Arcane just released the title-track from his upcoming second EP. While I haven’t loved his previous work, “Reckless” is a real beauty, on where crisp synthetic minor-chords meet sampled acoustic loop to form a dynamic, ever-changing setting with details from every corner. The vocals bring to mind everybody…

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Viet Cong - Continental Shelf

One of the most talked about track this week is “Continental Shelf”. Deservedly so, as Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace have under their relatively new moniker Viet Cong crafted a stunning new twist on the grainy, lo-fi sound that made their former band Women such a success. Compared to their first release – last year’s Cassette– the…

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Alex Calder - Strange Dreams

Here are 13 things you should (?) know about Alex Carter:

  1. He is from Canada. 2. He (mostly) shares his name with American sculptor Alexander Carter (1898-1976) who invented a type of kinetic sculpture now as the ‘mobile’which is made with delicately balanced or suspended components which move in response to motor power or air…

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Dream Police - Pouring Rain

Dream Police is the side project of Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi more known as founding members of The Men. The project started back in 2010 as a vehicle to explore ideas that wouldn’t normally fit with the band.  Four years on and the side project has evolved into a full LP release via Sacred Bones later this fall.

While I…

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Video: Daisy Victoria – Nobody Dies

We’ve already featured Daisy Victoria’s ”Nobody Dies”, the lovely  title track from her upcoming second EP.

Run The Jewels - Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)

EL-P continues to eclipse himself on every new Run The Jewels cut. I’ve already expressed my deepest awe for his work on “Blockbuster Night Part 1”and the colossal beats on “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” are equally monumental.  El-P and the always relevant and unfailing Killer Mike (the other half of the duo) are here…

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Video: Foxygen - Coulda Been My Love

Foxygen’s newly released …And Star Power might be messy, severely inconsistent and about ten tracks to long, but it has its moments of brilliance (mostly on the A-side).